Welcome to the Grindlays Club

“Grindlays Club – Sri Lanka” is an Association formed on 20th September 2004 with the following Aims and Objectives

To unite all Ex -

Grindlays Bank Staff

To foster good fellowship among Ex -

Grindlays staff


Mr. S. Sri Ganendran

Immediate Past President -

Mr. Richard Dias

Vice President -

Mr. Prakash Selvarajah

Secretary -

Mr. Worrell Obeyesekere

Treasurer -

Mr. Tyrone Hannan

Public Relations Officer -

Ms. Yvonne Rodrigo

Other Committee Members -

Mr. N. Vasanthakumar

Mr.Zulfiqar Zavahir

Mr. Maurice Lydford Cassell

Mr.Ravi Kumarasinghe

Mr.Shabbir Rahaman


All members are requested to notify the Secretary of change of Postal Address, Telephone Numbers and

Get in touch with us

E-Mail addresses, promptly to avoid delays in receiving Newsletters, Bulletins and Notices.

All cheques to the Club should be drawn in favour of GRINDLAYS CLUB SRI LANKA and crossed Account Payee only.

Up Coming Events

Memories of Yester Year